VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Kasey x The Boy - Baby Bottles

Baby Bottles - Today’s track of the day comes from Hollywood native Kasey who deliveries the kind of catchy banger that could lead a crowd of party-goers into an intense mosh pit.

The track ‘Baby Bottles’ has an aggressive instrumental that is laced with a monstrous bass line you would find similar to that of productions from producers Ronny J or Rojas. The instrumental which has a simple yet intense sound contains a subtle flute melody loop and hard-hitting trap drum rhythm that provides for a perfect canvas for Kasey and The Boy to go off on.

Kasey, who also handles the chorus part of the track, approaches the verse with a hypnotic sound that has a sharp flow and a mellow cadence allowing him to execute of his brash and ignorant themed lyrics to create a chant-like anthem over the intense instrumental. Kasey is then supported by The Boy, who incorporates a high energy flow with his in your face lyrics to further add to the vibe of the whole song.

This is definitely a track you could hear setting off a club or causing a riot like mosh pit within a festival environment, as it has elements of a song that sits among music from artists that have provided that high adrenaline like energy such as Boss from Lil Pump or ‘Look At Me’ from late rapper Xxxtentacion. Be sure to check out the track below, as well as ‘Like a Movie’ which is another personal favourite from Kasey’s catalogue.



The Boy:


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