VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Lean Chihiro - Summer Hunter [Prod. Ryan OG & Mad Gear Only]

Summer Hunter - A hip-hop market that I feel is overlooked in a lot of Hip-hop discussions is the French rap industry, especially with the scene producing artists like Niska, Kalash & Nekfeu who are amassing over 20+ million views online, it is something that should definitely be in the conversation.

With that being said the track ‘Summer Hunter’ from French artist Lean Chihiro is an absolute banger, with the rapper spitting and singing contagious melodies over the colourful instrumental provided by Ryan OG & Mad Gear Only. Lean approaches this song on a retrospective vibe, taking more of a personal approach to her lyrics, as she expresses dilemmas and situations with a potential love interest.

The bubbly and bright instrumental allows for Lean, to constantly alternate between R&B influenced singing and a more monotone rapping style, which gives the song an introspective yet energetic good feel about it.

Be sure to check out Lean Chihiro, as her Soundcloud is filled with a lot of great music. Check the track out below.



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