VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Leo Bhanji – Breezy [Prod. Leo Bhanji]

Breezy - The track ‘Breezy’ which is from London native ‘Leo Bhanji’ is a very unique song that invokes a strong essence of a raw and a very authentic bedroom produced song.

The track starts off with some emotional & depressing sounding chords that are layered with light trap influenced rolling hi-hats, a simple snare rhythm and a very deep sub-bass that appears at various points of the song. Leo who produced the instrumental himself sings softly in a lullaby-like cadence over the subtle instrumental with the chorus “breezy not Chris Brown, fuck Chris Brown “, he also focuses on a range of topics from his personal ambitions and mindset, to that of the girl in New York that can’t wait to “blow”, these topics are laced in a variety of bold lyrics that bare contrast to the way they are sung in a calm speaking-like flow.

The song as a whole, sonically has a very home bedroom recorded/ produced vibe to it, with the vocals sounding roughly mixed and level of reverb used in an unconventional way, which whether is done intentionally or not, gives the song a very pure feeling and adds a unique flavour to it.

Songs like ‘Hot Cheetos’ from Clairo also share similar characteristics to that of its quality of mixing and recording methods in comparison to the song Breezy. This is something that xxxtentancion also done in the early stages of his career, with songs like’ look at me’ that were mixed in a very unconventional way (with heavy clipping and distorted vocals/drums), but however it added to the experience of the song and gave it a lot of character.

Definitely be sure to check out more of Leo’s music on his Soundcloud, as it's filled with a lot of great tracks that share a similar vibe to Breezy (Hooded Sky is another personal favourite).

Leo Bhanji:


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