VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Lil Gucci Leer – DropTop [Prod. Lil South]

Lil Gucci Leer - Today’s track of the day from Philly native ‘Lil Gucci Leer’ seems like the ultimate player’s anthem for the coming summer. The Lil South produced track ‘DropTop’, which is from Lil Gucci Leer’s recently released tape ‘Trap Finesse 2’, is an intoxicatingly catchy song that provides for a perfect club banger.

The instrumental produced by Lil South is airy and minimal, with soft chords, a heavy trap/808 drum pattern and some bright melodies floating throughout the production. This is then laced with Lil Gucci Leer’s addictive and captivating voice, as he softly sings and harmonizes lyrics that would resonate well with any confident self-proclaimed ladies man that have their way with a variety of female counterparts.

The cadence and intensely auto-tuned vocals from Lil Gucci Leer, does bare resemblance to that of Lil Tracy, however Lil Gucci Leer adopts a more energetic and R&B sounding flow that gives his sound a very euphoric and bubbly feel.

The song which is just over 2 minutes long is short and sweet but extremely catchy with its upbeat vibe that will most definitely leave you in a brighter mood and will serve extremely well for a turn-up track to sing along to at a club or house party. Be sure to check out Lil Gucci Leer’s new project as well as the track DropTop, which is below.

Lil Gucci Leer:


Lil South:


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