VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Litty - No Clout [Prod. by Guillermo]

No Clout - Litty’s track ‘No Clout’ is another example of how you can still randomly discover great music from an upcoming artist within the sea of noise that is Soundcloud. The beat which is produced by Guillermo is a bright and light-hearted trap symphony, which sets the mood of a colourful song and goes hand in hand with Litty’s high pitch angelic like vocals.

The instrumental which is mainly catered around the soft organ chords contains a few light melodies, including a bending synth sound that is pleasing to the ears and adds to bright and colourful nature of the song. The instrumental is additionally layered with a bouncy trap drum pattern that creates the rhythm perfect for Litty to execute her melodic flows.

Litty approaches the track encompassing the right energy and delivery to match the beat, breaking into slight harmonies and vocals runs as she refers to her peer’s lack of clout, while boastfully commenting on her lifestyle and daily experiences that reflect an individual that is confident as well as charismatic.

This song strongly displays that Litty is an artist to definitely keep an eye on for the future, as she shows in her ability to create infectiously catchy flows and melodies as well as singing in cadences that provide for a great listening experience.

This is definitely a track for the summer and is something that would serve well in a club scene as well as a house party environment. Be sure to check out Litty’s track below as well as her new project ‘Flows 4 the Wait’ on her Soundcloud.





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