VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Natalie – Blue Jungle [Prod. Natalie]

Blue Jungle - Today’s track of the day comes from Chicago native Natalie, whose track ‘Blue Jungle’ is a great representation of what experimental/alternative R&B should sound like.

Blue Jungle happened to be one of those songs that got reposted onto my Soundcloud stream and I was immediately interested in, not only due to its minimal yet vibrant instrumental, which was produced by Natalie herself but also the perfect combination of her vocals tones, harmonies, and in-depth lyrics.

In this track Natalie represents the kind of artist that takes a deep conversation within them self and converts it through the use of their cadences, tones, and lyrics onto an instrumental, showcasing a level of vulnerability and emotion that has the potential to easily resonate with listeners.

The instrumental which is bare, contains all the necessary elements to create the mood essential for the sound Natalie executes on this track, from the simple bass line loop, synth notes, and its bouncy offbeat drum rhythm, the instrumentation sets a very mysterious and atmospheric mood that still manages to maintain an overall melodic and energetic upbeat feel to it.

The beauty of this song is very much within its experimental nature, as Natalie finds the perfect balance between taking elements from a variety of genres to incorporate within her production, giving it a very unique sound and bounce and also still retaining a very R&Bish approach with her cadences, delivery, and retrospective and romantically themed lyrics to fuse together a unique sounding track.

This track has definitely put Natalie on our radar, as we will be looking to hear more from her in the future. Be sure to check the below as well as her project SHAMEFUL.



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