VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Nick Racz - Waddup

From his second official mixtape "LIFE & DEATH", Waddup by Nick Racz is our selection of the day. A smooth track reminiscent of old school 90's Hip-Hop produced by Emani leaves Racz right in his comfort zone. Flowing effortlessly over the jazzy boom-bap beat, Racz touches on where he's at now, where plans to be, as well as somewhat of a chin check to the game. We get a glimpse into his thoughts and life at the time: being the best in his craft, Pulled into an office with an Oz & not being caught. as well as riding around in a minivan with his crew. On the other hand, he touches on the visualization of his future. Dream cars, penthouse suites, & bring his family forward in this dream - a noble sentiment. All the while Racz finds room to put his chest out, showing rap bravado and backing it up with lyricism. Shrugging off the flashy outward appearances people put forth and see through the constant bullshit. 

Be sure to check out Waddup as, as well as the rest of Nick Racz latest project, "LIFE & DEATH". Keep it locked to VIOL-ENT for all the news music, news, & entertainment from the underground scene!

Nick Racz:



Photographer: ITUBZ

Model: Nick Racz

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