VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Oddwin - Warrior

Through all the repost traffic on Soundcloud nowadays, sometimes its hard to find real gems. This time we were able to stumble across something that instantly caught our attention, and we're proud to make it our Track Of The Day. From the first drop of the 808, Oddwin's "Warrior" will set you in a trance that's hard to shake. Everything about this song is constructed superbly, there's just the perfect amount of everything spaced out in a way that will keep this track on repeat for many listeners. Oddwin is someone we have to start paying attention to from now on, his library is extensive, with a wide array of genres, all with his signature Oddwin sound. Be sure to check out Oddwin and all our other T.O.T.D. features only here on VIOL-ENT!




Photographer: Jessica Waraich


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