VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Ohrange - I think you’re evil, I love it

I think you’re evil, I love it - Today’s track of the day comes from Los Angeles based artist Ohrange whose track ‘I think you’re evil, I love it’ is a lo-fi masterpiece that shows he has so much potential.

The production which Ohrange sings over has a mellow feel and contains a variety of elements you would get from that of the rising lo-fi pop sound that is being popularized by artist like Mac Demarco and Clairo. The instrumentation of the song is mainly built around a soft drum loop that is layered with a chill yet emotional organ sounding chord progression, some intriguing synth melodies and a smooth bass-line that enhances the overall laid-back vibe the track has.

Ohrange laces this track with a soothing cadence, utilizing a few harmonies to express his very heartfelt lyrics. He takes a very conversation like approach with his romantically themed lyrics that make the song come across as more of an open letter focused on either a specific situation or individual.

Throughout the track, Ohrange projects his emotion with a depressing yet colourful undertone within his delivery, which combined with the relaxed mood of the instrumental, could easily usher listeners into a retrospective and trance-like state as the piercing lyrics cut through the song and resonate with the audience.

This certainly one of those songs that speak directly to its listeners, has the ability to connect with people emotionally and could be used as a way to elevate and enhance people current moods and feelings that they relate to, within the song. Ohrange is definitely a talented artist and we hope to hear more from him in the future. Be sure to check out the track below as well as his song ‘we're through’ which is another personal favourite.



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