💔 - Today’s track of the day comes from Toronto natives ONA, who I have had the pleasure of seeing perform live in 2016 and can tell you that with the right exposure and consistency, this duo is destined for a prominent career in the music industry. With that being said the track released by the duo, which is simply entitled as ‘💔’, is an atmospheric R&B and Trap infused banger that sounds like it has come straight out of the year 2020.

The producer, who is currently unknown, lays the foundation of an airy and spacey trap beat that sounds heavily influenced by the likes of Playboi Carti’s go to producer Pierre Bourne. The bright and trippy reversed sounding synth and pad melodies that the track beginnings with, draws very similar characteristics to that of Pierre’s production and is also blended with a very busy and bouncy trap drum pattern, which you could easily imagine a very hyped Carti adlibbing ‘what’ over.

ONA, however, take a very different approach to this instrumental combining more of a mellow and chilled R&B sound, lacing it with a bunch of melodic flows. The duo take turns, softly floating over the instrumental in an R&B like cadence, singing and harmonizing brash lyrics in a whispery emotionless like delivery about romantically themed topics, which in juxtaposition to the bright upbeat tone of the instrumental, gives the song as a whole a very unique and atmospheric sound.

The song as a whole seems to capture the essence of the Canadian music scene, is well rounded and is just one of those tracks that would be fit for any setting, whether it is as a song to turn the club up or track to chill out and catch a vibe to, it has a sound that would appear to satisfy most environments. Be sure to check out the track below, as well as the track ‘Broken Interlude’ on their Soundcloud page, which is another personal favourite.



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