VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Recky – Tryna Get Some Cash (TGSC) ft Sam Wise [Prod. CorMill]

Tryna Get Some Cash (TGSC) - Today’s track of the day comes from London native ‘Recky’, whose track ‘Tryna Get Some Cash’ featuring Sam Wise (House Of Pharaohs), is an amazing blend of the underground US trap sound and UK rap vocals.

The instrumental which is produced from up and coming producer CorMill, defines the sonics of what is currently popping within the underground trap scene in the US. The light-hearted and eclectic melody based instrumental is wrapped in some infectious bouncy trap drums and lays the perfect foundation for Recky and Sam Wise to do their thing on.

Recky starts off the track with some very direct and brash lyrics focusing on getting his money up, all while avoiding the snitches and snakes that plague the scene. Recky’s confident yet laidback delivery along with the strong British accent within his tone gives his flow a very unique sound that could only slightly be compared to that of UK artist Skepta. Sam Wise however takes on a more melodic approach on the song, harmonising his lyrics within a bunch of cadences to fit the mood of the mellow melodic vibe of the instrumentation.

This combination of sounds from UK rap and grime influenced artists over American styled underground trap beats is part of a new wave that seems to be going unnoticed within the UK scene, with artists like D Hustler, Macca Wiles, Lancey Foux, Towkeo and the 237 collective taking on this narrative, there will soon be a space for this scene to grow and further flourish.

Recky and Sam Wise have perfectly demonstrated how the combination of the US and UK sound can be well executed, while also providing a great track that captures the essence of the current BBQ weather we are experiencing in the UK and a club banger that would definitely go off in any motive setting. Be sure to check out the track below as well as Recky’s project ‘Reckless Behaviour’.




Sam Wise (House Of Pharaohs):




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