VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: SAFE – No Diamonds [Prod. T-Minus x ADP]

No Diamonds - Today’s track of the day comes from Toronto’s very own SAFE, whose track ‘No Diamonds’ is the laidback kind of banger you would want to hear blasting out of your car speakers during one of those long late night drives.

The track ‘No Diamonds’ which is produced by legends T-Minus and ADP, engulfs in a melodic and chill mood and is also fused with such a bouncy and upbeat drum rhythm it creates a very hypnotizing vibe to the song as a whole. SAFE approaches the track with an array of melodic and harmonic lyrics, taking on a humble perspective which focuses on his current mindset, realities, and approach to lifestyle.

The instrumentation for the track which allows for SAFE to utilise a very whispering like singing cadence is laced with a catchy and trance-like pluck melody, subtle pads and synth notes which are all further blended with a hard-hitting yet minimal trap drum rhythm. SAFE definitely finds comfort within this sound, as the chill mood he projects through this track is effortlessly translated within his delivery and flows, giving the song a very well rounded sound.

This is certainly one of those songs you could hear on the radio or within in a club setting and has the potential to appeal to most music listeners and provide a great vibe. Be sure to check the track below.







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