VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: SEBii - ICEEYYY [Prod. YelowRiver]

ICEEYYY - One of the great things about Soundcloud’s platform is the ability to find musician from all parts of the world that are creating dope music. Today I introduce to you from Shanghai (Japan) SEbii, who’s YelowRiver produced song ‘ICEEYY’ reminds me of an early, more eclectic sounding Young Thug from the 2014 era (with songs such as Stoner & Danny Glover).

Just like Young Thug’s first introduction to the mainstream spotlight, this is a track you might not like or understand after the first listen, as SEBii brazenly takes a wild approach on this song, bouncing over the colourful trap infused instrumental with his quirky vocal cues and lyrics.

Throughout the song SEBii seems to be incorporating and channelling different rock influenced flows, manipulating his vocals with different cadences, going from a soft lullaby-like voice to a more aggressive tone to match the mood of his lyrics, which at times will have you thinking there is more than one vocal artist on the track.

Overall this is a well put together song that is short but also infectiously catchy after a few listens, SEBii is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for in the future. Be sure to check the track out below.



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