VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Shafi - Back N Fourth [Prod. Maarshhie]

Back N Fourth - Today’s track of the day from Maryland native ‘Shafi’, should really and truly be considered the track of 2018 so far. The R&B and Trap infused banger called ‘Back N Forth’, perfectly embodies the early 2000’s Hip-Hop and R&B era, yet maintaining a modern sound and feel.

The Maarshhie produced instrumental is laced with a romantic and sultry guitar loop that is blended with some aggressive trap drums, which provides the perfect canvas for Shafi to execute a very a passionate and serenading soundtrack for a love interest, yet retaining a cool and gangster element to it. The vibe of the track as a whole definitely gives you that nostalgic feeling of Hip-Hop songs from the early 2000’s, as it shares similar characteristics to songs released from the likes of Ja Rule and LL Cool J during that era.

The cadence from Shafi is mellow and laidback, however, you can still hear the passion in his voice throughout the verse and chorus, as he recites lyrics expressing the thought process of a young man going through it with his main babes. Shafi’s lyrics take on an honest approach about his feeling for a chick, as he wears his heart on his sleeve showing a vulnerable and transparent side to him, yet still maintaining the essence of a gangster that can’t be taken for a simp. This is something that only a few like Max B and more recently Kodak Black could achieve, were they would spend the entire track serenading a potential love interest, expressing their romantic feelings for them while balancing the edge of a tough street guy and avoiding coming across too soft or being aligned to the criteria of an standard R&B musician.

This song right here is almost guaranteed to get you in your feelings about a previous or a potential partner and sets the mood for those late nights when your speeching a girl on the phone. The track is hugely slept on and has the potential to be massive within coming months if the right attention is brought to it. Be sure to check the track out below.



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