VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Sheff G x Sleepy Hallow x Double G - Panic Part 2 [Prod. Lauky x HL8]

Panic Part 2 - Track of the day today comes from Brooklyn natives, Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow and Double G, who mercilessly attack a Lauky & HL8 produced instrumental. This track in itself is unique as these three American artists add their own flavour to a UK Drill produced track, without comprising on their sound or delivery.

The instrumental which is produced by Lauky and HL8, who are both popular within the UK Drill scene, retains all the necessary elements needed for a massive drill anthem. The creepy and dark sounding piano melodies, erratic snare rhythms and aggressive kick and bass patterns are all the necessary ingredients for an instrumental ideal for artists in the UK drill scene like 67, Headie One, Loski or K Trap, however the beat provided a layup perfect for Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow and Double G to make an amazing drill banger.

The track starts off with Sleepy Hallow, who laces the instrumental with an aggressive delivery, sharp tone and a bouncy flow that sits perfectly on the hard-hitting beat that instantaneously grabs the listeners’ attention. This is then followed up by Sheff G who approaches the track with a unique flow and attention-grabbing adlibs that fits the dark mood of the instrumental and high intensity of the song. Double G then follows this up with an intense and high energy delivery as well as a rapid flow that would definitely have listeners hyped after a few bars in. Like both artists on the song he also focuses on a range of taboo and intimidating topics, you would commonly associate with a drill track.

This song as a whole is very impressive and shows how sounds and sonics between US and UK music can be effortlessly fussed to make an anthem that would serve well on both sides of the world, regardless of whether it is a party in Brooklyn or a rave in London. With that being said, hopefully, a collaboration between a top UK Drill artist and Sheff G x Sleepy Hollow x Double G will be on the cards. Be sure to check out the track below.


Sheff G:


Sleepy Hallow:


Double G:






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