VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Stacy Money – Signs [Prod. Richboybeats]

Signs - Today’s track of the day comes from Stacy Money, an artist whose name I have constantly been seeing float around for the last year or so and also found myself constantly going back to his Soundcloud page after I stumbled across his song Curious a few months ago.

The track ‘Signs’ which is produced by Richboybeats is an absolute banger and contains all the necessary elements for an underground hit. The beat which is melodic contains some bright lounge chords and a variety of colourful synth melodies that are fused with a bouncy drum pattern and a smooth bass rhythm that will immediately get you in a zone as the song progresses.

Stacy Money, who I can compare to other artists within his scene such as Xox.Heartbreak, ATM and Shafi, has a very romantic yet confident and street sound that he blends well with melodic hooks/verses and witty and brash lyrics that reflect a charismatic and vibrant individual. Like the artist mentioned above, Stacy incorporates a very laid-back like cadence and flow during this track, taking more of a chill and mellow approach to his delivery and focusing more on his intriguing one-liners and transparent perspective on his female counterparts.

Stacy effortlessly displays on this song his ability to match the vibe of the bright trap inspired instrumental by adopting a mood throughout the song that shares similar characterises to that of early 2000 Hip Hop and R&B infused tracks that were released from the likes of Fabolous or Ja Rule. He does this by conveying a romantic side through his lyrics yet still maintaining an element of an obnoxious and confident aura, through the use of his wordplay and brash statements.

Stacy Money is definitely another one of those artists I see having a big impact in the music scene, especially after listening to his recent project ‘La La Land’, he has the consistency and content to have either a big 2018 or 2019. Be sure to check out the track Signs below, as well as ‘Breakfast in Bed’ another personal favourite of mine.

Stacy Money:


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