VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Stefani Kimber - Blue [Prod. Stefani Kimber]

Blue - Today’s track of the day comes from Canadian based artist Stefani Kimber, who provides us a serene and romantically themed ballad.

It is always exciting and intriguing when I come across artists like Stefani that have such a distinctive well-rounded sound and aesthetic within their music, however, has yet to be widely embraced by major platforms. Stefani’s track Blue is one of those songs you happened to come across on Soundcloud that leaves you stunned with its exceptional presentation and wholesome feel, as it vastly precedes the quality of music you would normally come across on said platform.

In this track, which is also self-produced by Stefani, you will notice instantly that she has a very piercing and unique voice that sits perfectly over her sensual and subtle sounding instrumental. The instrumentation, which is minimal and mainly consists of a soft piano chord progression and a simplistic kick and snare drum pattern, is perfect for Stefani’s sultry-like cadences and vocal harmonies, and further adds to the soothing vibe of the track.

Throughout this song, you’ll notice that Stefani is not only tooled with an amazing vocal range but also maintains a great ability to manipulate her vocal tones and pitches to accentuate specific points within her lyrics and delivery. Additionally to this, she also lyrically adopts a poetic-like approach within her wordplay that allow her to artistically express intimate and personal emotions about romantically orientated topics in a way that would resonate easily and deeply to listeners that share or have shared similar experiences.

Blue is definitely a song that has the capabilities to engulf listeners into a certain mood or mind frame. Stefani’s expressive, transparent and passionately sung words that float over different pockets of the instrumental with the use of her unique delivery and flow, maintains a vibe and energy that would seduce listeners into their feelings. The atmospheric, serene and retrospective mood of the song is maintained throughout and really allows the song to serve as something you would want to play while spending time with or thinking about your better half.

Stefani’s style and sound could certainly be put along within the range of artists like Jorja Smith, Charlotte Day Wilson, Sabrina Claudio & Dounia, who all stylistically and sonically overlap within the new chill, minimalistic and mellow Sade influenced R&B sound that is currently making waves throughout the scene. It is clear to see that Stefani is very talented and has the potential to build a very promising career with her current sound and direction of music. We’ll be looking forward to hearing more from her in the future, as the track ‘Blue’ clearly displays she has so much potential and would be interesting to see where she goes from here. Be sure to check the track out below as well her project ‘Phases’, which gives a huge insight into her overall sound.

Stefani Kimber:


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