VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Syren – Confuzed

Confuzed - Today’s track of the day comes from an artist that goes by the name of ‘Syren’ has one of those tracks you are grateful you randomly came across on Soundcloud.

In this song, Syren takes on a very vibrant instrumental that is built around a Shiloh Dynasty sample and contains various elements from the R&B, Trap, Boom Bap Hip Hop and EDM sound. The bulk of the instrumental is a soothing loop of Shiloh Dynasty’s vocals that is layered with a smooth yet powerful bass line and laced in a range of interesting percussions and emotional sounding chords.

Syren approaches this track from a romantic standpoint, delving explicitly into the trials and tribulations of a difficult relationship. Syren is quite open in this song, giving listeners an in-depth insight into her current mind frame this confusing relationship, taking on a harsh and honest approach similar to that of SZA’s recent project however Syren combines this with her confident and charismatic delivery also incorporating brash one-liners and wordplay which could be comparable to that of Rico Nasty's.

It is fair to say that it is an exciting time for female artists in Hip Hop, as the level of playing field has been skewed with artists like Cardi B, Young M.A and 070 Shake dominating charts and breaking down new barriers within the scene, all while introducing their own unique approach to the current sound of Hip Hop. Syren in my eyes is definitely one of these potential stars in the making as this track does not only show her wealth of potential but also her ability to make deep and meaningful songs while keeping it interesting and maintaining an appeal to the mainstream sound.

Be sure to check out the track below as well as her song ‘Bum Bitch’, which is an absolute trap banger that further displays her diversity in sound and is a track you could easily her Rico Nasty or late rapper Xxxtentacion featured on.



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