VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Tierra Whack – Mumbo Jumbo [Prod. Nick Mira & RicandThaddeus]

Mumbo Jumbo - Tierra Whack is a very unique artist, who can be considered as a rapper's rapper, yet has the capability to make great melodic songs. The track ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, which is perfectly titled, as there are no audible words we being said throughout the song, shows Tierra’s experimental side, as she takes the concept of mumbling and slurring lyrics over an instrumental to a new level.

Tierra approaches this track using her voice as a melodic instrument to channel through emotions you would normally get from lyrics. Her cadences do remind of New Jersey artist ‘070 Shake’, however the Michael Jackson influence on this song is undeniable, as he is known for breaking out into inaudible screeches, murmuring and vocal runs at very intense parts of his songs.

It would be interesting to see how Tierra recorded and attained the sound for this concept, as it feels as if the track was initially birthed out of a demo where artists would hum and murmur different flows and melodies over an instrumental, brainstorming a variety of ideas trying to catch the right vibe.

The instrumental which is from the Internet Money camp [Nick Mira & RicandThaddeus], who have produced a great amount of bangers last year and this year, is perfect for the sound that Tierra is experimenting with, as the airy synth, creepy piano melody and simple trap drums perfectly encapsulate the dark, mysterious and thriller mood of the whole song. Be sure to check the track out below.


Tierra Whack:


Nick Mira:




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