VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Tony Shhnow x Hotboi Skullie - White Denim [Prod. Breitling Beats x SKUFL x Tony S

White Denim - Today’s track of the day comes from artists, Tony Shhnow (which is one of the waviest rap names I’ve across in a minute) and Hotboi Skullie, who both deliver a Breitling Beats, SKUFL, Tony Shhnow & Popstar Benny produced banger. The track which is featured on the recent Popstar Benny project ‘Phoenix’ carries a lot of momentum in the Breitling Beats, SKUFL, Tony Shhnow & Popstar Benny instrumental. The beat itself is quite simplistic in its arrangement yet effective with the use of the sounds and percussions provided.

The instrumental is quite raw and contains a few elements you would find in most trap beats, such as an aggressive hitting 808 and sharp percussive sounds that are placed in essential parts of the production. The beat is then laced with an insanely catchy melody that sounds like a cross between an EDM influenced legato synth and a Bollywood flute, this sound instantly grabs the listeners’ attention once it appears over the crisp and harsh trap drum rhythms.

During the song, Tony Shhnow, effortlessly flows over the instrumental with his chilled and lazy cadence while matching it with his confident delivery. Tony Shhnow incorporates different flows to match different points in the beat, keeping the momentum of the song going all while executing a very consistent sound and providing a simplistic yet catchy chorus to fit the mood of the instrumental. Hotboi Skullie also approaches the instrumental with a chilled laid-back flow but incorporating a more raspy tone within his cadence and also maintains an energetic delivery throughout the song as he raises vocal tones at certain points within his verse to stress the emphasis behind his lyrics.

Overall this song amazing and I could definitely not only see it setting a club a light but this sonically could sit well in a festival environment, where you would be looking to raise the adrenaline levels of a crowd of people. Be sure to check the track out below as well as Popstar Benny’s project ‘Phoenix’.

Tony Shhnow:


Hotboi Skullie:


Popstar Benny:




Breitling Beats:


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