VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Towkeo – Choji [Prod. Endoh]

Choji - Towkeo a Manchester native that currently resides in London takes on a very US trap sounding beat that would commonly be associated with artists like Playboi Carti & Yung Bans, however, Towkeo jumps on the colourful Endoh produced instrumental, giving it a very bright and bubbly feel.

The Endoh produced track ‘Choji’ incorporates a very bouncy trap drum rhythm that is fused with a lot of bright sounds from pads, flutes, and bells that are harmoniously laced with a variety of cinematic and theatrical melodies. This goes hand in hand with the uplifting sounds Towkeo provides vocally, as he melodically floats over the track alternating between harmonising and rapping out his lyrics.

The auto-tuned the vocals allow Towkeo to execute a very melodic feel to the whole track, incorporating it with energetic flows and catchy cadences that will have you turning up and catching a vibe. Throughout the song, Towkeo’s lyrics focus on topics that display his determination and drive to being successful despite facing adversities and setbacks. The general theme of the track as a whole is about his ability to achieve his goals and ambitions while managing to live it up at the same time.

Choji is a song perfect for most scenarios but would serve most well in a club/house party environment as the contagiously catchy melodies will definitely have you singing along after a few listens. Towkeo is certainly an artist to keep an eye on as the UK Soundcloud rap scene starts to grow. Be sure to check out the track Choji below.





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Suji So + 9K

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