VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Xox.Heartbreak - Stick on Me ft Stacy Money [Prod. CJD]

Stick on Me - Today’s track of the day comes from, Xox.Heartbreak, whose bouncy trap song ‘Stick on Me’ shows clear signs of how light-hearted club anthems can still be discovered on Soundcloud. ‘Stick on Me’ which also features vocals from another rising artist within that scene ‘Stacy Money’, is produced by CJD, who also an upcoming producer currently playing a significant role in the new Soundcloud wave that appears to be forming.

The instrumental from CJD, provides a lot of eclectic sounds and melodies with the use of bells, plucks and mellow chords that are fused with a simple yet bouncy trap drum rhythm that has a thumping bass, which will have your sub-woofer working overtime.

Stacy Money sets the tone for the song with his sharp and brash delivery combined with his energetic adlibs as he manipulates a variety of flows to attack each pocket of the beat. Like Stacey Money, Xox.Heartbreak laces the beat with a monotone yet auto-tuned cadence and sound, however, Xox.Heartbreak embraces more R&B sounding harmonies at certain points of the song with his more melodic and relaxed delivery.

Lyrically both artists touch on a variety of subjects you would expect from a bright sounding trap song called ‘Stick on Me’. They balance the playful and colourfulness of the CJD produced instrumental with brash, witty and confident lyrics that leave the listener astonished and intrigued to learn more about their character.

The song ‘Stick on Me’, I believe has all the recipes for a song to match a nice summers day and would provide the perfect track to start building a turn-up atmosphere at a BBQ setting or in a party environment. Be sure to check the track out below.



Stacy Money:




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