VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Yung Porsche - Mainchick [Prod. Mias]

Mainchick - Today’s track of the day comes from German-based artist Yung Porsche, whose underground trap influenced banger ‘Mainchick’ further shows the level of which Hip-Hop and Trap have evolved around the world.

The instrumental, which is produced by MIAS, contains a soothing, vintage and cinematic esque sounding sample that’s laced with a variety of elements from the trap sound. MIAS does a great job of blending heavy trap drums, intense 808s, hi-hats and manic snare percussions around the sample, giving the instrumentation a very dark yet high energy mood for Yung Porsche to express himself over.

Yung Porsche approaches the instrumental adopting a sound that could be related to that of Suicide Boys, the use of his monotone delivery and skipping like flow is something listeners could find a similarity in. Yung Porsche, however, uses more of laidback tone within his delivery, incorporating a high energy chant-like sound and flow within his vocals, matching the overall energy and mood of the MIAS produced instrumental.

Throughout the song, you will more than likely notice a few German words and phrases within Yung Porsche’s lyrics, as he perfectly rotates between English and German while rapping. This is something he balances well, which allows him to cater to both German and English speaking audiences while maintaining his German dialect and not comprising on his overall sound.

This is definitely a song that has all the right elements to get a crowd hyped up, the tracks intense beat and catchy vocal rhythm serves for something that could become a huge underground anthem across both sides of the world, Europe and America, regardless of the language barrier. We hope to hear more from Yung Porsche in the future. Be sure to check the track below.

Yung Porsche:




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