VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Z Money - My Stove [Prod. ChaseTheMoney]

My Stove - If you ever needed a song to get you in the zone, whether it be preparing for an exam, working out at the gym, driving to work in the morning or even getting ready to bang a move on the neighbourhood plug, this track ‘My Stove’ produced by ChaseTheMoney is perfect for all scenarios previously mentioned.

The track starts off with ChaseTheMoney’s thumping 808’s beating at your eardrums along with a simple yet menacing dark sounding synth floating in the background, you have no choice but to be nodding your head to the beat as soon the track starts.

After letting the beat breathe for a bit, Z Money mercilessly hops on the instrumental with a rapid flow similar to that of early Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman, laying bar after bar, erratically jumping from topic to topic, painting a vivid image of where his state of mind is at in that current moment. He finally lets his foot off the gas after over a minute long of straight flows, to end the track off with a hypnotic chant “I think I left my stove on..., my stove, my stove on”.

I highly recommend playing this song at maximum volume. Be sure to check the track out below.

Z Money:


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