VIOL-ENT Track Of The Day: arctkt. - Five Hunnit

arctkt. - Five Hunnit - Today's track of the day comes from one of the coldest producers in Switzerland, "arctkt.". We found out about arctkt. last week and featured his song "thoughts" in our Sunday Pick 4, since then he's already dropped two new productions that will satisfy any audiophiles earbuds. "Five Hunnit" begins with the beautiful vocals of Genevieve Maggio and a serene melody, but abruptly changes into a bass crushing banger. The ice like synth paired with the grimy bass makes "five Hunnit" a track to keep coming back to, again and again.It's becoming clear to us that arctkt doesn't care what genre music he makes, it just sounds good. We strongly advise you follow arctkt., and keep up to date with VIOL-ENT for all the latest on arctkt.



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