VIOL-ENT Track Of The Day: Enthral - 3035

Enthral - 3035: Enthral is the latest addition to the VIOL-ENT team, but he is definitely no rookie when it comes to production. Formerly going by another name which will will reveal in the near future, this is a fresh start and rebranding for this artist. The amount of dedication and effort they put into their sound and craft is immense and it shows in 3035. The sound that was once there has matured, in ways we never would have imagined. This is more than a simple track, this is a beautiful soundscape inducing euphoria. Truly and beautiful calming tune, one that is sure to have you vibe away your problems. We can't wait for more new projects from Enthral, and we can assure you we'll keep you in the loop! Have a blissful day and always keep it locked into VIOL-ENT for your latest entertainment needs!



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