VIOL-ENT Track Of The Day: SASKI - Faking Bright

SASKI - Faking Bright - Wow. You know you've found a gem when all you can do is yell geez as a song drops, and thats exactly what happened to us here today at VIOL-ENT. First thoughts were that this could possibly be a new single from SZA, but we were taken back when discovering the beautiful soulful voice of SASKI. The sheer combination of her soothing voice coupled with a spacious beat filled with vocal chops at the perfect times, this song is absolutely phenomenal. It left us remembering sometimes less is truly more, and with the right touch of soul you can create waves that speak volumes. We highly recommend purchasing this song, even though she has gracefully let it go for free - its truly that amazing. Keep up with SASKI on social media and of course soundcloud!


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