VIOL-ENT Track Of The Day: Tincup - Trees

Tincup - Trees - With some of the best Trap tracks being released every month by Tincup, it was hard not to feature this talented artist. Hailing from Reno, NV Tincup has been making his mark for a few years now, emerging as one of the only trap artists we regularly listen to that hasn't conformed to the genre while staying relevant. While always keeping his signature sound in check, he has constantly switched the mould within the trap scene, becoming a forefather to young producers coming into the game. Trees is yet another extension of Tincups genius, giving us another dirty trap tune filled with face melting 808s. Grimy from start to finish, trees is a high of its own and we know Tincup is still heating up this summer. Expect more from him in August as we're sure he won't disappoint!



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