VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 104: JOE-Di - For The Club

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

This weeks Sunday exclusive is a special one from none other than VIOL-ENT artist JOE-Di, not with a single but a mix for our two year anniversary of VIOL-ENT Sundays. As this isn't a production and a compilation of other artists tracks we will add a word from JOE-Di, our brief thoughts, and update you all on the future of VIOL-ENT Sundays.

To begin a word from Joe: "Here's "one for the club". Super proud of this mix. I usually like to switch it up and play multiple genres, but this one is strictly club tracks. Servin up some techno, high-energy dance tracks and jackin beats for an all-around bumpin mix". Our thoughts match his words with this high energy Tech House mix. JOE-Di has not skipped a beat, literally, blending some well-known gems and unknown gems as well. His skill to us has only sharpened since his Variety Pack series that we have been assured will one day soon continue.

On to our announcement about the continuation of VIOL-ENT Sundays, there will be a brief break for a few weeks potentially. We have a project coming that involves the exclusives we've released very soon. The other side of this is what will become of the Sunday Exclusives, we've talked before about opening them up to outside artists and that's what we're committed to doing. We will be back stronger and with more variety than ever before, while still keeping up with our VIOL-ENT artists in the mix. A warm thank you to all of those out there who constantly supported the Sundays for two amazing years. You've kept up with us, and we promise to deliver to you, thank you always, and continue living the VIOL-ENT Life.



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