Watch Frank Ocean's Visual Album "Endless"

While most people were getting ready to turn in for the night, the mysterious Frank Ocean fired up another stream via his website. Like his stream before he was doing work on what appears just to be a staircase. The main difference this time was, he had songs playing from what appeared to be "Boys Don't Cry". Previously some of the songs playing were just instrumentals, but this time it would seem that the project is finished - but Frank still wanted to tease us all.

Frank continued to build this structure to pass the time in the stream, but we all really had no idea what was going on. He walked up the stair case right before climbing down an turning off the lights, while the music still ran. We heard quite a few tunes and they were all of high quality Frank caliber, we just STILL had no release date for BDC. We really had no clue what Frank was up too, all we knew is we were ready for more new music...& so is the rest of the world:

After the stream ended apple tweeted out a link, verifying that this is not Boys Don't Cry. Frank Ocean released "ENDLESS", a visual album that will hopefully tide us all over. It's been an endless four years, but something is better than nothing, especially with Frank Ocean. Check out "ENDLESS" HERE, and keep locked into VIOL-ENT for the latest!

This article was updated to maintain its accuracy*


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