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Pthc Collection 2010 [Updated-2022]




For a long time now, I have found myself interested in the history and evolution of the phantasmagoric and weird. I mean, just look at that VHS collection -- it's like a freaking encyclopedia of what they used to call the "crazy white kid stuff" -- there's enough TV, movies, music, art, literature and more in that box to keep you up all night and still have more to explore. It was a real revelation to finally discover that there's a thriving community of people, either directly associated with the underground world of the weird and phantasmagoric, or who have actually produced their own art -- or at least donated some of their time to record the whole thing -- and all of this is made available for you, through the internet. Of course, you need to be a member of the community to access all the files, and that's what I'm doing now, while my son plays on the computer. This is a big release, coming in at about 80 Gigs -- like the entire collection, except more extensive -- and I didn't want to get into the details with a short piece like this, so I'm going to give you a brief taste of the contents of this package. WARNING: If you are not willing to view nudity, graphic language, sex, violence and gore then do not read on. If you are still here, continue. I am going to use a "narrative" method of presentation for this overview, so when I say "she", or "he", I mean one of many many. So, let's get started. As you may remember from previous posts, I created a "Yolo" profile for a 10yo, which we used to watch films like Baby Blood, Siamese Twins, Eggploitation and The Twins in the Shadows. One of the most talked about films of Yolo's lifetime is this one, the sequel to Eugene Jackson's already creepy Children of Satan, which is one of the definitive documentaries of our times and something I like to keep in my personal collection. Children of Satan 2: The Rise of Tyrus stars a man named Tyrus and his retarded brother, Eli, who were castrated after the (lackluster) conclusion of the first film, and "inherit" all the powers of Satan. In this film, the two brothers are seen in their various stages of life (as well as several other retarded men, men with AIDS, trannies and other assorted perverts




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Pthc Collection 2010 [Updated-2022]
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